Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poblem Engrish Worldwide

The use of bad English is not only restricted to Singapore and East Asian countries, as evidenced in From the Baltic to the Pacific, Engrish can be found worldwide, even in supposedly "English-speaking" countries:

Location: Brighton & Hove, UK
Don't join in then...

This actually causes me physical pain. It happens both times there are subtitles in 'Mean Girls'. You would have thought that with their budget, they could have got a proofreader in.

Location: Eden, North Carolina, USA
Why is that even for You're Eyes only? Shouldn't everyone be warned?

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Holy modern Bible translations, Batman!

9 of 10 experts agree that 'crakers' sounds more "crispy" than 'crackers'.

Location: University of Nottingham, UK
For the love of Mike, this is an ENGLISH university.

Location: the former Soviet Union
The name says it all.

Location: Greenwich, SE London, UK
The line for the Barber Shop begins here.
Cool! Instructions with a stammer!

Location: Rowan College, Glassboro, New Jersey, USA
I think this note is about vodka boiler-makers...

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
[insert mildly-humorous somewhat-appropriate Dan Quayle joke here]

You can't beat this.

Thanks to Emily Ash for most of the photographs.